Sunday, March 4, 2007


Dear Joanna,
After having a loverly Saturday morning, Mum Matthew and I had a breakfast at a Haberfield Cafe then on to the Archibald Prise at the Art Gallery.
Return home I though I would call into my church to pick up something. I entered the pass code pressed the button and the door opened and closed behind me. I pressed the deactivate button. All is well untill I went to leave. I opened the door off went the alarm...a loud double tone deafening alarm that could be heard from two blocks away. I quickly pressed all the buttons but the alarm just got louder so was my anxiety level. I went outside shutting the doorbehind me thinking it would stop the noise, but it made no difference. Mum and Matt just did not seam to take much notice, just sat in the car and kept talking. They probably did not realise the stress I was going through. All this racket went on for maybe three minutes. What if the security or the police turn up, my brain was working overtime but not to solve the "turn off" problem.
Than out of the blue a white knight comes riding up in her golden Avalon in the church driveway. Ps Diane came in to finish some office work. Armed with with the knowledge of the secret of the loud door pressed the right buttons and "walla"..... "peace in our time". What a relief and what timing. The rest of thew day was boreing well must run. Love DAD.

Wheeliebin Outrage

Dear Sarah,
I thought you would like to know some unfortunate news. Yesterday Mum & I were cleaning out the garage (annual Spring cleaning) and we decided to get rid of some old accounting records that went back before 1995. So rather than send it all to the tip, as some of it was personal information, we decided to burn it off in the back yard. Most of it burned off including some lawn, except some of the cheque butts. I hosed it down and later scraped up the remains and put in a cardboard box in the wheelie bin. About an hour later, 5 minutes before Peter and Naomi and Samuel were about to come on the T.V. We heard a crackling and I jumped up because it sounded like the stove was still on and something was burning. But as I raced up to the kitchen I suddenly caught out of the corner of my eye a raging fire outside. The wheelie bin was on fire, flames leaping high above the bin. I yelled out to Mum "quick " and ran out the front door grabbed the hose and turned it on and charged around the corner, hoping the twisted knot would not stop the water coming out. Mum came screaming out the front door I said go "and get the back yard hose." So we met in the middle, widdleing the hoses on the raging fire in our former wheelie bin. Toxic smoke & fumes billowing up, the bin now stands 30cm above the ground and looked like it had been slimed with gunky green plastic everywhere.In other words our bin burned to the ground.Today I rang up the Council and said to the girl on the phone " my garbage bin caught fire and has been destroyed" and she said "probably kids" and I said "they can be trouble can't they?" They are sending out a new bin tomorrow.....Thought you would like to know this ....Love Dad